“Get Gracemount Going” is a project hosted by Gracemount High School in Edinburgh. The project has been designed with the overall aim of improving the attendance and attainment of twenty one S1 pupils by means of improving their overall health and wellbeing.

The project started mid-november and will run until the end of the school year.

Pupils involved with this project will meet every morning for a seperate registration all together, where an option of breakfast club is offered from 8-8.30am. In addition, the group will meet together one period a week for extra health and wellbeing lessons which will be on rotation between HE/PE and extra PSE (but with the focus on physical, emotional, mental and social health). Pupils are also encouraged to attend an extra curricular activity of their choice.

Most excitingly for the pupils, they will be provided with a FitBit to take home and an IPad (for use in registration) to track their steps, sleep, heart rate and calories. We will use this information to discuss in class time as well as using it for fun competitions between the pupils. Lastly, pupils will be on a food diary ever so often where they will record what they eat daily for a week.

There will be a parents/carers opening evening in January to celebrate and launch the project, as well as various sessions parents/carers will be invited to throughout the year.

We hope this will be an insightful and valuable opportunity for the young people involved, and ultimately improves their health and wellbeing therefore having a positive effect in other aspects of their life.